Parking Ticket Terminator – On Street Now App

So it has been awhile…..

The past couple of months have been full of Parking Ticket Terminator – On Street Now App testing, testing and testing of the app. The app has come so far. I have discovered many new features to make the app better in the future. But for the time being, just getting the first release out to the world is still the hill to get over. For an analogy lets say that the ship can see land on the horizon but there are still sand bars, reefs and storms ahead before it reaches port. Just the fact that the ship can see land is amazing. It has been a really exciting ride, fun, scary, many tears, sleepless nights and moments of joy.

The developer and crew have been great and very patient and understanding. They have really put their hearts into this project. God bless them for putting up with the million emails, texts and phone calls.

As for a release date, I will just say that the app is closer than it has ever been to being released. You can guess if that means next week or next month but I would not be able to answer that for you.  Until next time, know that Parking Ticket Terminator – On Street Now App is moving forward …. be well.


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