New Parking Signs In NYC?

New parking signs in NYC! That means for Manhattan at this time NOT the other four boroughs. Local politicians, an appointed official and a reporter admit to parking signs being confusing….ummmmm, now? After all these years? After all this time? Pinch me! What else is there to say? Where is this coming from? Sorry to be skeptical here but I have come to be a little jaded here when it comes to elected and appointed people doing something that makes sense and maybe should have been done so long ago, like from the beginning. With this admission, will the decades of fines issued from all of these signs be returned?

Actually, Manhattan had new and different signs then most of the other boroughs before these new, new signs. I will leave this criticism and please wonder with me about the back story. There is always a back story in NYC. With a mayoral election looming, with taxes and tolls being raised everywhere…it makes one wonder to so many avenues of thought.

I will say that I welcome this change, IF it is for the better for drivers. Anything that can help take the confusion out of parking regulations in NYC or anywhere is great. We need more of this good-hearted, caring response from politicians and appointed people everywhere in this day and age.

Search for the phrase, “new york unveils new parking signs,” and you will find more info.
You can also search the NYC site at:


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